Moldavite teardrop earrings – pentacle in Celtic knots


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These delicate facetted teardrop Moldavite earrings complement the pentacle which is surrounded with Celtic knots.  The entire setting including the sheperd hooks is .925 Sterling Silver and is made in the U.S.

Moldavite is gem quality tektite,  formed 14 million years ago when a meteorite hit the earth with such velocity that it vaporized itself and everything around it.  When the vapors cooled in the atmosphere, the resulting solids rained down upon the earth.   Moldavite is called the ” Stone of Transformation” and is thought to bring positive life changes in an accelerated manor.   In the dream state, moldavite can reveal and help to heal deep seated sub concious issues. 

The pentacle is an amulet used in magical evocation ( Wikipedia)  This symbol may be used in Wicca and was also used by the ancient Babylonians to create sacred space.  The pentacle is a pentagram within a circle. 

Product shipped is exactly as in the photo. 

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Dimensions4 × 3 × 1 cm

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