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Quartz with Papagoite

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This incredible piece features a double terminated Cathedral Quartz point with Papagoite inclusions. The main point is also attached to several other clustered points and sits atop a clustered base with Hematite inclusions. Pappagoite, named for the Sand Papago peoples of Arizona, is a rare cyclosilicated mineral found as a secondary mineral along with Quartz, Copper, Ajoite, Shattuckite, Aurachalcite, and Baryte.

Quartz is believed to enhance the positive energies of other stones and of the items placed around it. It is also thought to cleanse organs and stimulate the immune system. Papagoite is believed to be a stone of tranquility, optimism, and openmindedness. It is thought to assist one in speaking with love and clarity, strengthening of the bonding of relationships, and releasing inhibitions.

This Quartz with Papagoite specimen weighs approximately 75 grams and measures approximately 6.5cm long, 4cm wide, and 3cm tall. 

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