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Lazulite with Quartz and Topaz Specimen

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This incredibly rare specimen features stunning large dark blue Lazulite specimens (including one double terminated piece!) in a base covered in sparking druzy Quartz and brown Topaz. This is a stunning piece from the Rapid Creek area in the Yukon Territory of Canada and would make an incredible addition to any collection. Lazulite from the Yukon is highly collectible and sought after, don’t miss out on this one of a kind piece!

Lazulite is believed to be a stone of psychic and intuitive abilities, easing worry, insight, and meditation. It is thought to treat the pineal gland, liver, headaches, stress, endocrine issues, immune system weakness, and addiction. Topaz is believed to enhance the mind and encourage communication. It is thought to be useful for soothing sore throats, speech impediments, and hyperthyroid conditions. Quartz is believed to enhance the positive energies of other stones and of the items placed around it. It is also thought to cleanse organs and stimulate the immune system.

This Lazulite with Quartz and Topaz specimen weighs approximately 111 grams and measures approximately 7cm long, 5cm wide, and 3cm deep and stands on its own.


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