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This kit, designed for a friend who struggles in crowds, contains one Carnelian chip bracelet, one Labradorite chip bracelet, one Tiger Eye chip bracelet, one Rose Quartz chip bracelet, one Clear Quartz chip bracelet, one Hematite chip bracelet, and a Sari cloth carrying pouch. This wearable kit was created to assist in protection from negative energy, creating peace and tranquility, balancing the emotions, cleansing, and enhancing positive moods.

Carnelian is believed to be a stabilizing stone, providing vitality and motivation. It is used to treat arthritis, depression, and lower back problems. Labradorite is believed to a stone of transformation, balancing and protecting the aura, strengthening the intuition, and banishing insecurities. It is used to regulate the metabolism, balance hormones, and relieve menstrual pain. Tiger Eye is believed to be a stone of protection, grounding, power, courage, and grace. It is thought to release toxins, heal eye disorders, and alleviate pain. Rose Quartz is believed to be the stone of love. It is thought to open the heart, comfort in times of grief, and encourage acceptance. Rose quartz is used to treat high blood pressure, fertility issues, and as protection against miscarriage. Quartz is believed to enhance the positive energies of other stones and of the items placed around it. It is also thought to cleanse organs and stimulate the immune system. Hematite is believed to ground and protect its owner. It is thought to endow courage, strength, and endurance. Hematite is used to treat anemia, leg cramps, anxiety, and insomnia.

This kit contains six chip bracelets and a carrying pouch. Each kit is unique. Product may not look exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example.

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