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Diamantina Quartz Laser

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This stunning piece features a solid laser of Diamantina Quartz. Quartz points which are long and tapered towards the termination are referred to as lasers. These pieces are  considered to be particularly valuable for use in healing. This item is from Diamantina, Brazil. Some of these lasers features something special such as a double terminated point, a cluster base, or stunning clarity and rainbows. 

Quartz Lasers are thought to be useful for directing concentrated healing energy and are often used for precision healing. It is believed to be useful for energetic protection, clearing negativity, and harmonising higher vibrational energies in the aura. 

This Diamantina Quartz Laser weighs approximately 20 to 40 grams and measures approximatley 5 to 8cm long. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example. 

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