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Hematite, Rainbow, Magnetic


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This piece of manmade magnetic Rainbow Hematite features a deep, shiny black base with rainbow colours shining from the outside in a very heavy stone. This stone is beautifully polished and highly magnetic. Not safe for all children, use with caution. 

Hematite is believed to ground and protect its owner. It is thought to endow courage, strength, and endurance. Hematite is used to treat anemia, leg cramps, anxiety, and insomnia.

This Rainbow Magnetic Hematite weighs approximately 65 to 85 grams and measures approximatley 3 to 5cm across.  Each stone is sold individually. Each specimen is unique. Product shipped may not be exactly as pictured; photo is a typical example.

Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 cm

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