Shattukite-Malachite-Dioptase Specimen

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This gorgeous item features a natural mineral formation of Shattukite, Malachite, and Dioptase. A unique and interesting crystal!

Shattukite is believed to be a stone of connection, helping one to understand and communicate with the inner self. Malachite is believed to reduce negative energies, guard against electromagnetic pollution, and clear the chakras. It is also thought to balance mood swings and alleviate cramps. Dioptase is believed to be a stone of forgiveness, healing of emotional wounds, love, and compassion. It is thought to lower blood pressure, relieve migraines, and reduce pain.

This Shattukite Malachite Dioptase mineral specimen weighs approximately 2 to 35 grams and measures approximately 2 to 4cm long by 2 to 3cm wide. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example.

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 2 cm

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