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Moldavite Goddess and Crescent Moon Pendant

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This stunning pendant features a Goddess holding a gorgeous piece of faceted gem quality Moldavite inside of a crescent moon with lovely Celtic detail. This pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver and authentic green Moldavite. This is a stunning piece. 

Wearing jewellery which contains Moldavite is thought to bring positive life changes while holding it can aid in meditation, dream work, and telepathy. It is believed to be an incredibly powerful stone for transformation, bringing about the changes necessary for growth. It is also a highly protective stone, sheltering the user from negative energy. Moldavite can often enhance intuition. As well, Moldavite is thought to produce physical rejuvenation and protect against the mental degeneration caused by aging. It is believed to be a good stone for ailments of the eyes and to aid in the treatment of gout. 

This Moldavite pendant weighs approximatley 5 grams and measures approximatley 3cm tall by 3cm wide. 

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 cm

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