Lemuria Aquatine Calcite


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This stunning piece is an authentic piece of Lemurian Aquatine Calcite in its natural state. Lemuria Aquatine Calcite is named for the water-oriented civilization of Lemuria. Each piece is sold individually.

Lemuria Aquatine Calcite is believed to be a stone of intuition, dreaming, feeling, and visionary consciousness. It is thought to deeply nourish the emotional body, act as an antidote for stress, fear, worry, and anxiety, soothe and replenish the etheric body, and enchance dream life and lucid dreaming. It is also believed to be ideal for encouraging past life recall, ancient knowledge, and attunement to the morphic field’s of Earth’s past.

This piece of Lemuria Aquatine Calcite weighs approximately 7 to 11 grams and measures approximately 3 to 4cm across. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example.

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Weight15 g
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 cm

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