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This raw piece of Azezeo Super Activated Azeztulite features stunning soft pink to orange colours with incredible natural sparkling textures. A unique and beautiful piece!

Azeztulite is believed to be a stone of higher awareness, spiritual healing, and enlightenment. It is thought to clear chakras, aid in the treatment of cancer, cellular disorders, and tissue inflammation, and revitalize one’s purpose. This is considered a very powerful stone and should be handled with care. Azeztulite does not absorb negative energies and does not need to be cleansed.

This piece of Azozeo Azeztulite weighs approximately 15 to 17 grams and measures approximately 3cm long, 2.5cm wide, and 2cm deep. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example. 

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