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Aqua Aura Danburite Point


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This amazing Aqua Aura Danburite point is a perfect addition to any collection! It is a natura Danburite point which as been treated with vaporized gold to create the beautiful aqua color and the amazing sheen. This point is in its a natural shape. Each point is sold individually.

Aqua Aura Danburite is believed to be a stone of connection and communication to the angelic realms. It is though to treat disorders of the throat and to open the Crown and Third Eye chakras.

The point measures approximately 2 to 3cm long and weighs approximately 2 to 4 grams. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions3 × 2 × 1 cm

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