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Agate Slab Pieces, Polished, 16oz

Agate Slab Pieces, Polished, 16oz
Item Number: AGA1146MB B43
Country of origin: Brazil
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Price: CA$16.00
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This bag of natural Agate slab pieces has been polished into a variety of shapes and sizes.  Agate slices make gorgeous display pieces. Each slice is a different shape and has different naturally occurring patterns. 

Agate is believed to be a stone of love, abundance, luck, and harmony. It is thought to heal issues of the eyes, stomach, and uterus, cleanse the lymphatic system and pancreas, and strengthen the blood vessels. 

This bag of Agate slab pieces weighs approximately 16 ounces. Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown; photo is a typical example. 

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