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Ammonite fossil specimen D - from the "David Collection"

Ammonite fossil specimen D - from the "David Collection"
Item Number: AMM7095F
Country of origin: Morocco
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Price: CA$1,340.00
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The fourth and final specimen from the David Collection is a very large half of an ammonite fossil. It is a stunning piece and features amazing texture and rainbow coloring.

It measures 56 cm long, 29.5 cm wide, 10 cm thick and weighs....a lot ;).  This piece is part of the "David Collection."  You can hear more about this on Theo's blog about ammonite fossils on our website  Due to the size of these fossils, and their fragile nature, we recommend that you contact us by email at or phone our warehouse at 250-838-7622 for shipping or pickup details.  Stand is not included. 


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